NFT Land

Currently, In MetaShooter hunting island there will be 100 different lands available. Each land has different parameters regarding size, suitable for hunting towers, hunting, breeding, hunting houses.

NFT hunting plots could be in any region, altitude, or map location (where it’s possible to purchase). The price of the hunting land will vary from its size and region. If the hunting land is large and includes rare or epic animals, it will automatically be more expensive.

Land is required to build towers, houses, host and breed NFT hunting dogs.


The owner gets percentage from collected tournament entry fees.


The land owner will be able to rent their hunting plot to the other players for a specific fee.

Hunting in private land

Depending on land size, owner receives percentage from collected hunting licenses and hunted animal value.

Building Hunting houses

Owner can build hunting houses, where hunter can take a rest after long hunting journey. House owner can store his hunted animal trophies and exhibit to other players (Player needs to have bigger house in order to have spare room for trophy gallery). Another great feature is, that owner can store his vehicles such as: SUV, ATV QUAD, ENDURO BIKE. If hunter is not using his house, he can rent his rest room for other player who needs to take a rest. Each rentable hunters house will be displayed on map for other hunters.

Building towers

The landowner will be able to build hunting towers on their land. If they are not using them for hunting, the owner will be able to rent their towers to other players. If other hunter uses hunting tower, owner will receive percentage from hunted animals value. Each hunting tower will be displayed on map for other hunters.

NFT Dog breeding

Land owners will have possibility to breed hunting dogs. Dog quantity which farmer can breed depends on land size.


Land owner needs to choose business strategy, land cant display hunting tower, hunting house and breeding farm together.

Towers needs to be surrounded only by nature. Breeding farm and hunting house will distract animals. It will decrease chances of successful hunting and asset monetization.

Land owner can choose to have empty field. This feature would increase animal amount in owned plot, owner can monetize his land through hunted animals in his area. Owner receives percentage depending on animal value.

Hunting season license and tournament fee percentages will go only to those players which has suitable land for hunting. Such as:

  • Land with hunting tower

  • Land with no hunting houses or farms

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