Why MetaShooter is one of the kind?

There are many P2E games, but most of these look like each other (they are clickers and have low poly graphics). To add, many projects don't understand the actual meaning of Metaverse. MetaShooter team did research before developing this project, and what can be concluded? MetaShooter will be pioneers in crypto industry by delivering ultra sharp graphics, logical ecosystem and utilization for MetaShooter hunting game. In MetaShooter, team thought about every detail which is going to be used in the game in order to provide realistic and best user experience. MetaShooter has numerous gameplay modes with logical ecosystem while each asset is used between every player. Team still haven't seen p2e games that are close to what MetaShooter is doing. MetaShooter is developing a proper AAA game on blockchain where players come actually to play exciting game and earn, not only to earn like right now.

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