1-Q2/2024 Roadmap:

Continued Multiplayer Development (Q1):

In the first quarter of 2024, we will continue to enhance the multiplayer aspect of MetaShooter. This will involve improving matchmaking, server stability, and introducing new gameplay modes to keep the player base engaged.

VR Mode Development (Q1):

We are committed to delivering an immersive gaming experience. In Q1, we will focus on developing and optimizing the VR mode for MetaShooter, allowing players to dive deeper into the virtual world.

VR Trophy Gallery Development (Q1):

As part of our VR development, we will introduce a Trophy Gallery in the virtual reality mode. Players can showcase their achievements and trophies in an interactive and visually stunning environment.

MetaShooter Lands Sale (Q2):

In Q2, we will launch the sale of exclusive virtual lands within the MetaShooter universe. These lands will be owned by players and can be developed and monetized within the game's ecosystem.

Connection with Similar Projects (Q2):

Building on our commitment to blockchain interoperability, we will establish partnerships and collaborations with similar projects in the gaming and blockchain space. This will enable cross-game interactions and shared assets.

Adding New Game Modes (Q2):

To keep the gameplay experience fresh, we will introduce exciting new game modes that challenge and entertain our player community. These modes will cater to various playstyles and preferences.

Q3-Q4/2024 Roadmap (Updated):

Official Early Access Game Launch (Q3):

The third quarter of 2024 will mark the official full launch of MetaShooter. Players can expect a polished, feature-rich gaming experience with a thriving community.

Advanced Multiplayer Features (Q3):

We will continue to enhance the multiplayer experience by introducing advanced features such as clan battles, team-based tournaments, and leaderboard improvements.

Further Development (Q3):

During Q3, we will focus on further developing existing game systems, optimizing performance, and addressing player feedback to ensure MetaShooter remains a top-tier gaming experience.

MetaShooter Lands Development (Q4):

In the fourth quarter, we will introduce tools and features for landowners to develop and customize their virtual lands, fostering creativity and unique experiences.

E-sports Integration (Q4):

MetaShooter will become a prominent player in the e-sports scene, with the launch of official tournaments and events that offer substantial rewards and recognition for top players.

Community-Driven DAO Voting (Q4):

We will empower the MetaShooter community by implementing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for voting on game-related decisions, ensuring that players have a say in the game's direction.

New Game Modes and Quests (Q4):

To maintain player engagement, we will regularly introduce new game modes, quests, and challenges, ensuring there is always something exciting happening in MetaShooter.

Expansion into Other Platforms (Q4):

In the final quarter of 2024, we will explore expanding MetaShooter onto additional gaming platforms, reaching a broader audience and providing more ways to enjoy the game.

VR Early Version (Q4):

In Q4, we will release an early version of the VR mode, allowing players to experience a glimpse of the virtual reality features that will be fully integrated into MetaShooter in the future.

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