Hunter's Dasboard

The game will have its own separate dashboard where all players will able to create accounts, mint NFTs, buy tokens, stake and more. All in-game assets will be connected with blockchain through dashboard with equipment marketplace as well.

What you can do on hunter's dashboard?

Connect wallet You can connect your EVM wallet. With connected wallet, MetaShooter will authorize it’s users and token holders.

Stake MetaShooter Staking is our way to generously reward our committed MetaShooter Supporters who want to be part of the project! MHUNT Stakers will be rewarded in multiple ways:

Monthly Rewards Dynamic APY MetaShooter Land whitelisting (MetaShooter Lands Tickets) Mystery Airdrops DAO participation MetaShooter Staking will fairly redistribute rewards to those users who trust and support our project. More rewards will be announced.

MHUNT token Rewards are evenly distributed every month based on the current circulation supply without the Strategic Reserve. Staking requirements, rules, APY’s and other reward systems will be announced.

Receive Receive Mystery boxes, NFTs, MHUNT tokens, Lands and other game assets.

Sell, Trade, Buy, Melt: Users will be able to use NFT marketplace where they can take various actions with their NFTs and MHUNT tokens.

Hunter statistics Track your hunting statistics and compare it with other, leaders will be rewarded. Details will be announced soon.

Chat Chat will be available, where hunter will be able to share their hunting experience and discuss about MetaShooter game with their friends.

Track activity Users will be able to track their staking, gaming rewards and analyze their monetization strategy.

Referrals Insert discount, invitation, referral codes.

Overview All assets, MHUNT token amount, statistics and other major information will be displayed on one platform.

Create account Create your profile, avatar, security authentication and access to dashboard. More details will be announced soon.

Keep in mind that these are only main dashboard functions, more details will be announced soon.

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