Hunting market can be modernized

MetaShooter offers new monetization opportunities, not just for market suppliers but also for players. The hunting market has to step into the metaverse world and move to the next level. This will also provide new ways for hunting hobby owners to pursue their hobby.

New ways of hunting

In the near future, MetaShooter players will have the opportunity to experience authentic hunting, even if they don't have access to the real thing. The game will also help solve problems such as overhunting and environmental imbalance.

Logical utilization of crypto

The MetaShooter ecosystem has a logical business plan and features the natural utilization of each NFT asset or service. It doesn't force the crypto aspect on the game. Instead, it is built on the principle of meaningful gameplay which makes the game even more exciting and interesting.

Players First

A MetaShooter player has access to a wide selection of monetization options which allows them to achieve a massive return on investment. Each asset can be traded, sold, or just melted into Metashooter tokens.

Exciting and Visually packed gameplay

Our players will experience open-world gameplay, full of details such as sounds, animal behavior, equipment, environment, and more. The gameplay will be filled with action and activities that will never become boring.

Overpromising and not delivering

MetaShooter is already delivering the project! That is what makes MetaShooter already different. Team invested from their selves before, in order to provide Alpha version and Hunter's Dashboard after TGE. Demo version will come in 3-4 months, and full game in 8-9 months. MetaShooter knows that many projects got community disappointed, that's why MetaShooter is sharing its progress with community to prove that project delivers.

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