The gaming industry is booming and hunting is still a popular outdoor activity. Expectedly, its popularity has been somewhat decreasing due to certain factors, but our team is planning to stop this decrease and bring it back to the top.

With the right strategic moves, the market could grow even more.

MetaShooter has the necessary foundation to thrive in a market with such an enormous community and huge amount of capital. This niche can and will create amazing opportunities for blockchain and monetization features due to its current status as a stagnated market - mostly due to the lack of digitalization.

Cryptocurrency is a perfect solution to many of the problems and inconveniences that the hunting industry is currently facing. At the same time, the implementation of such a technology will make hunting more acceptable and exciting than it already is.

By utilizing NFTs (one of the most trending topics all over the globe), the MetaShooter project is poised to create a buzz in the blockchain community. NFTs are still fairly new so their inclusion into the hunting market will cause a huge demand in the hunting community, and with it - interest in making a profit.

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