Players will be offered to choose their gaming character:

Hunter or Hunting business (Players will be able to go with both)

To participate in the game, the player will have to buy NFT assets, such as guns for hunting or hunting land where they will develop their business and host activities.

In order to start hunting, hunter has to buy hunting license for particular animal season. Every 2-3 months, new hunting seasons will start. So all players has to wait for particular animals to hunt, if player hunts down animals which don't includes in season list, hunter will be fined.


Hunting will be possible in day and night, stormy, rainy or normal weather conditions.

In stormy or night-time conditions, the hunter’s chance of catching a rare animal increases due to hunting zones being less crowded. On the other hand, the hunter will also have to buy better equipment such as scopes, thermovisors, and so on.

If the hunter tries to hunt with unsuitable equipment for a particular animal, their chances of successfully hunting it will not only decrease, but if the animal spots the hunter, it might attack and damage their equipment.

To have better visibility and shot range, hunter can use hunting towers which will be displayed on map.

One of the best NFT animal trophies will be in the deeper forests, so the hunter will have to buy NFT vehicles to reach further distances and beat the harsh terrain of the MetaShooter world.

Other vehicles, such as motorcycles or quads, could be used in more mountainous areas. By using these vehicles, the hunter will have better visibility and be more mobile, while also being able to reach more uncommon hunting places and increase better trophy hunt possibilities.

If the player decides to go deep forest hunting without a vehicle, their hunting trip might fail due to lower stamina and longer travel time, which is something the player will need to take into account.

Hunters can always rest in hunting houses, charge up to full stamina or to have a rest before night or day hunting.

The player will also need to consider that hunting guns have levels and specialties, with each gun having its advantages and disadvantages and being suitable for different hunting methods and animals.

With NFT vehicle, hunter can take more additional guns and equipment. If player plays online, he can drive his hunting partners too.

In game character will deliver NFT vehicle into the location where player starts. If player has its own land, he can place his vehicles there.

To increase the odds of a successful hunt, the player will be able to buy animal callers, baits, or dogs from the marketplace. If the hunter already has some common trophies and a knife, they can use his trophy as bait to hunt more unique and rare animals. They will also be able to use NFT dogs to track down animals and their locations. Dog can be used also to bring hunted trophy in order to save stamina.

Metaverse Island:

The MetaShooter island offers 3 types of animals with different breeds and specialties:

  • Carnivores

  • Herbivores

  • Birds

Hunting can take place at any place in the world. Each corner of the map is filled with individual animals and specifications.

For a more realistic experience, the map will feature altitude, destination parameters, danger zones, and more. The player will be able to use the hunters’ map to determine the challenges and prepare for hunting.

Map has 4 regions of Hunt:

  • North

  • MidNorth

  • MidSouth

  • South


Hunters will be able to participate in hunting tournaments, where they will be able to test their equipment abilities and hunting strategies to compete for prize fund. There will be several tournaments depending on the hunters' level. To compete, the player will need to purchase a tournament ticket.

Hunting land owners will be able to participate in tournaments, as well. The ownership will guarantee them the opportunity to host their public tournaments in their hunting plot. The prize fund will depend on the plot size and animal variety.

Tournaments will be online divided into player pools. Hunters which will be not able to complete particular challenges during given time will be eliminated, last player wins.

There will be three types of tournaments:

  • Solo hunting

  • Duos hunting

  • 5 player hunting


Each hunted trophy NFT will have its own value depending on the caught animal’s rarity and condition. If hunters first shot is not critical and he needs another one to hunt trophy, automatically trophy value will decrease and hunter will receive less reward. The player will be able to sell trophy NFTs on the marketplace or exchange them for MetaShooter NFT equipment or services.

If the player hunts down an epic or rare animal, they will be rewarded with MetaShooter (MHUNT) tokens. Another way to receive an MHUNT token reward will be to hunt an animal from a particular region common trophy collection.

Each collection will consist of 10 different region animals. If the hunter successfully catches all the animals from the collection, they will be rewarded.

The hunters will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments where winners will be rewarded by various NFTs and compete for a prize fund collected from entry fees.

Plot owners will receive rewards collected from tournament entry fees. The bigger land, the bigger reward percentage owner will receive.

If hunter hunts down trophy in land owner territory, owner receives small percentage from hunted animal value. Same situation happens for tower owners, if hunter uses owners tower to hunt down pray, owner receives small percentage.

If land owner has a hunting house he can use it for his own rest or he can rent it to the other players.

The player can convert their common trophies to meat baits or dog breeding fodder and sell them on the marketplace to other hunters (to convert, the hunter has to purchase a knife).

Mystery Boxes

Players can buy mystery box tickets to win variety of MetaShooter gaming NFTs.


Hunters can invite their friends and share hunting experiences together or work together as a team on hunting rare animals. Player can invite 5 friends into hunting trip, hunters can host each other on their hunting houses, share vehicles, towers, and other assets.

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