Flawless security is one of MetaShooter’s utmost priorities. The infrastructure of the game was created by combining existing security technology with practices that have proven effective time and time again.

For instance, everything will be safely secured on users’ machines. The encrypted seed phase, along with all the sensitive data, will be saved only on their hard drives. The user will have full control over their wallet, and no website or provider will be able to access any of their private information.

Let's talk about how everything works in MetaShooter. First of all, if player would like to play MetaShooter game he will need a hunting season pass. In order to get it player needs to have an account which he will be able to create on hunter's dashboard. After creating an account, players should go to our marketplace with a connected Metamask wallet, purchase a hunting season pass. That's it for the first step. After logging to MetaShooter with credentials, the backend of the game verifies the users, checks IDs of items that are owned by the user and unlocks them in the game, if validation comes smoothly.

Talking about data servers and third parties that we are using. They are all super reliable and certified. For example, for back-end development, we are using Microsoft Azure technologies.

Talking about the Audit. MetaShooter smart contracts’ audit was made by, and it all went very smoothly. For MetaShooter, users security is number one priority to avoid cyber attacks.

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