What are the Missions in MetaShooter?

First Mission, Shooting Range.

Take the gun with ‘’E’’. After you have successfully hit your first target, the counter will start. You will have 1 minute to collect as many points as possible in this round. If you are able to hit the middle of the target with greater accuracy, you will be awarded more points.

Weapons available: Pistol 17, Jimmy Old Fashioned, Mozberg 500, R25 Whispers, SBD

Second Mission Introduction, Farm Defense.

The Farm Defense Mission is going to be quite challenging for you, but it will also present you with a variety of different chances to show off your skills and earn some prizes. As you have probably figured out from the name, the mission will involve some sort of defense.

You will need to protect your farm against wolves that intend to raid it and hunt your sheep.

You will have 90 seconds to fend off the wolves and protect the farm. A total of five sheep will be at your disposal, and they will serve as your health points. This means that you will lose a health point if you are unable to slay the wolf your sheep perishes as a result. Fail to defend all the sheep and your game will be over before 90 seconds resulting in a lower score.

Consider the following scenario: you have 35 seconds remaining, but you’ve lost all of your sheep. The game is over much sooner than expected, and you are awarded all of the points you have accumulated up to this time.

Weapons available: Pistol 17, Jimmy Old Fashioned, Mozberg 500, R25 Whispers, SBD

Third Mission Introduction, Mallard Hunt.

The Mallard Hunt Mission is probably the one that will test your skills and provide the most entertainment out of the three.

You will have one minute to shoot as many mallards as you can using the gun you have available. The fact that you get a choice in the weaponry you use is what makes the experience so captivating. The use of strategy, ballistics, and pinpoint accuracy are essential to the completion of this task.

It would be quite difficult to crack the top 100 if those aspects were not mastered first. Make diligent efforts to improve your skills.

Due to the fact that it is quite difficult to shoot from such a great distance, mallards are constantly moving around and bullets not traveling travel very quickly. Therefore, you will need to calculate how long it will take a bullet to travel to the target, keep an eye on the direction in which the mallard will fly, and aim a few meters in front of the target in order to hit it.

Weapons available: Jimmy Old Fashioned, SBD

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