How to EARN in MetaShooter?

Although the game is still in its early stages of game development, MetaShooter already allows players to EARN on a regular basis.

Download MetaShooter game here,

You have to get points to be rewarded. You can get points only in the MetaShooter game, by completing Daily Missions and hunting animals in the Open world. Top 100 players with most points go to leaderboard and getting rewarded (More information in the table at the bottom).

These activities where you can get points take place in the game.

  • There are a total of three missions to complete daily.

  • Following the completion of a mission's objectives, players have the opportunity to further increase their score by hunting in the Open World (10 points for each hunted animal).

  • Total score is calculated from the 3 missions and hunted animals in open world.

You can check your ranking here:

The rewards are distributed each day at midnight straight to your connected and merged wallet in the dashboard.

You can add HUNTERS in your Metamask or other wallets. Token Address - 0x71E044E166793D2391931aF427cF146Fe9e939cf Token Symbol - HUNTERS Token Decimal - 18

Earned rewards HUNTERS you can stake, swap to MHUNT, use on

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