How to Stake?

Step-by-step instruction: How to STAKE $MHUNT on hunters' dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to the hunters' dashboard

Step 2: Log in OR create a free account

Step 3: Connect your wallet, for example, METAMASK

Step 4: Select Polygon or BNB chain network (it depends on which chain you received $MHUNT tokens)

If you can’t find MHUNT in your METAMASK wallet, follow these steps:

Click on the "Manage Token list"

Go to "Tokens"


For BSC chain, enter this address: 0x2C717059b366714d267039aF8F59125CAdce6D8c

For Polygon, enter this address: 0x61f95bd637e3034133335C1baA0148E518D438ad


Step 5: Select or enter staking duration

Step 6: Enter the staking amount

Step 7: Click "STAKE" button

Step 8: Confirm your staking in METAMASK wallet Step 9 Press "DONE" button

Congratulations! You just staked $MHUNT tokens. Now, you are able to track the total value of your stakes, check last month's profit and claim current stakes rewards in "YOUR STAKES" page, in the left side menu.

‼️ DISCLAIMER: You will receive your staking rewards each month. With a longer staking duration, you are receiving bigger staking rewards ‼️

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