Prime Mystery Box

Breathtaking play to earn hunting metaverse
Each NFT has in-game utility, a limited supply, and a unique design. In this way, the issued NFT's rarity and value will be well preserved. With Mystery Boxes, participants will experience the first series of in-game NFTs, each of which will be completely unique and irreplaceable.
Boxes consist of rare hunting equipment like skins, guns, vehicles, consumables, etc. In addition, players will get fantastic perks such as: hunting season passes, land whitelists, and invitation keys to the Alpha version. Mystery Box In-game NFTs are very valuable for each player. These items will assist players to progress in the game and monetize more effectively compared to others.
Each asset has its own advantages and specialties in the game, depending on asset rarity and type, which will definitely help you in your thrilling MetaShooter adventure. One of the best parts is that participants will get at least six valuable items from each Mystery Box.
MetaShooter Primary Mystery Box
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