MetaShooter NFTs

Sometimes players forget that all the MetaShooter ecosystem is based on NFTs. The current Alpha version doesn't require that. The MetaShooter team wants to introduce the community to hunting and let them test it.
The Alpha version will be available for a limited time, and all NFTs will be NEEDED beginning with the Beta version.
In MetaShooter, NFTs are everything. The license to play the game is NFT, as are the tournament tickets. These things are your only gateway to enjoying the game. But then comes the second question: with what to play?
In order to enjoy hunting, Competitions, and Missions and get rewards, you need to have equipment to play with.
Equipment can be determined as your Guns, Vehicles, consumables, and Extra Equipment, all of which are NFTs. Better NFT equipment motivates players to progress in the game, receive better rewards and compete. With better NFT equipment, players can advance in the game and continue their path to becoming the best hunter. Additional equipment and better items provide the ability to monetize game resources and earn more, which is a crucial part of p2e gaming.
In MetaShooter, NFTs will be in huge demand. All players will need them in order to monetize, progress, and compete in the game. Better hunting NFTs are extremely limited, so make sure you get them first.
MetaShooter NFTs have an actual place and role in the game, which creates significant value for them and exponential demand growth.
Last modified 7mo ago